INPUT2 Competition Introduction

Ministry of Science and Technology of the People’s Republic of China submitted Innovating for Public Urban Technology Transformation Competition, INPUT2 to APEC for approval in 2022. China was the main proposing economy, with Russia, Thailand, Papua New Guinea, and Hong Kong, China serving as co-proposing economies. INPUT2 was approved by APEC-PPSTI in 2022 and will be implemented in 2023–2024. In order to promote the idea of sustainable urban development, exchange and cooperation in innovation and application of scientific and technological achievements, as well as to improve industrial development and urban governance in the 21 member economies, the competition will concentrate on three key areas: green economy, sustainable transport development, and liveable cities.

The 2020–2021 APEC Innovation for Public Transportation Competition (INPUT 1) was a great achievement, and INPUT2 builds on that success by extending from the transportation sector to the fields of urban development and governance. Its goal is to create a strong, secure, and sustainable growth environment by fostering Asia–Pacific connectivity, encouraging innovation and digital development, and resisting all types of crises. As a member of APEC, China actively supports and promotes regional cooperation. The competition will proactively implement the APEC Putrajaya Vision 2040, giving full play to advancing regional integration, and showcasing China’s wisdom and power.

Timeline Stories 英文版


A formal initiative to 21 economies served as the official start of the INPUT2 competition.

April to September

Request for application cases and technology innovation goods
City visits and special activities in the APEC economies


Establishment of an international expert group


Preliminary assessment of the competition to generate finalists



2024 APEC Urban Sustainable Development Conference for Science & Technology Innovation APEC (INPUT2) Competition Workshop